Lien and Mean!

Get 10 States in 1 Place

This unique annual conference hosted by Southwest Business Services May 10-13, 2021 featured an unsurpassed lineup of construction attorneys from 10 Western States presenting the latest lien law information that material/labor suppliers, contractors, and lenders need to know. The program also covered an additional 20 credit, collection, and leadership topics that will help credit practitioners at all levels get better results. All 30 sessions are now available for purchase. Check out the Free Preview "Women in Credit" below.
Lien and Mean!
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On Demand Sessions

  • 1
    State Lien Laws
    • Basic Arizona Lien Law
    • Advanced Arizona Lien Law
    • Arizona Lien Waivers: Everything You Ever Wanted or Needed to Know
    • Arizona Lien Basics
    • California Lien Law
    • Colorado Lien Law
    • Idaho Lien Law
    • Nevada Lien Law
    • New Mexico Lien Law
    • Oregon Lien Law
    • Texas Lien Law
    • Utah Lien Law
    • Washington Lien Law
  • 2
    General Credit Management
    • Check Fraud and Check Washing: A BIG problem for Banks and Businesses
    • Credit Application Essentials
    • Doing Business on Native Lands
    • Managing Credit in Challenging Times: Preparing for the Next Crash
    • So You're a Credit Manager! Now What?
    • Transaction Privilege Tax Annual Update
    • The UCC and Secured Transactions
    • My Customer Filed Bankruptcy! Now What?
    • Using IRS Form 1099-C as a Collection Tool
    • Payment Bonds, Little & Big Miller & P3 Projects
    • Small Business Reorganization Act
    • How to Use a ROC No-Pay Complaint to Get Paid
  • 3
    • Effective Leadership Skills
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Building Rapport to Get You Paid
    • I Don't Like Your Tone: The Psychology of Credit
    • Women in Credit - A Candid Discussion
  • 4
    A Word From Our Sponsors
    • Credit Management Association (CMA)
    • Mountain States Commercial Credit Management (MSCCM)
    • United TranzActions (UTA)
    • Building Industry Credit Association (BICA)

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