"Credit is the power seat, it controls everything in the company."

This is credit management according to Thea Dudley, credit expert and self-proclaimed “Credit Overlord” (don’t worry, it’s a term of endearment, not a Ming the Merciless reference). Yet, many credit practitioners feel exactly the opposite is true, that credit gets little respect within the company, and that the only goal of the credit function is: “don’t lose any money!” How do you take your credit department from passive paper pusher to POWER PERFORMANCE PLAYER, and what does a power credit department look like? How do you create a strong team that is recognized in your company as the ultimate problem-solver and fixer? By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize bogus customer excuses and manage expectations of the C-Suite executives and sales teams that enable them.

  • Better support, engage, and challenge team members to help them develop into power credit players.

  • Apply new ways of elevating the visibility and value of the credit department with internal and external customers.

  • Develop strategies for adapting to the changing role of credit.

  • Identify immediate action steps for improving the order-to-cash process in your company.

  • Reduce the fear and embrace the benefits of technology to help build your power credit department.

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  • Thea Dudley

    Credit Expert

    Thea Dudley

    With over 30 years of credit and collection management experience, Thea can show you how to leverage your credit and collections program to the financial benefit of your company. With expertise in the development of shared services processes and assessment of back office needs to improve efficiencies and building profit through credit, Thea’s communication and negotiation skills have made her a valuable partner for manufacturers, dealers, general contractors and subcontractors, throughout the construction industry. Before rolling out her latest credit advice column in LBM Journal, Credit Q&A with Thea Dudley, she wrote the wildly popular Thea’s Mailbag for ProSales Magazine. She is a frequent speaker for industry organizations such as Insulation Contractors Association of America, Western States Roofing Expo, NICE, International Builders Show, International Roofing Expo, JLC Live! Remodelers, Guardian Building Products, NACM and National Women in Roofing.

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