“How much of your company’s money is overdue, and why is your customer not paying?”

According to 30-year credit expert Bart Frankel, these are the two most important questions you should be asking as a credit practitioner. And the answers are the key to improving your company’s cash flow.

Cash flow disruptions caused by payment delays, short-pays, and broken promises can cut off the circulation of your company’s lifeblood and undermine its financial health.

You email, text, fax, and call your delinquent customers, over and over again, month after month, asking them nicely to send those overdue payments now! You hope that all they need is a little reminder, and those overdue payments will arrive in the mail any day now. What if that day never comes? You decide to escalate your collection efforts and get more aggressive. The problem is, you run the risk of hurting your relationship with your customer.

What if you could reduce your overdues AND increase customer satisfaction at the same time?

That’s what Bart’s simple 6 step collection process will show you. In 90 minutes, you can learn from Bart’s 30 years of experience finding out why customers don’t pay and how to fix the underlying problems. In 90 minutes, you can become a better collector for your company.
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When he walked into a $7B company with $450M in overdue receivables,

Bart used his unique approach to collections and ultimately reduced those receivables by 90% while maintaining customer satisfaction and retention. Sure, Bart’s overdues were bigger than most companies’ entire annual revenue, but his process works for any size company in virtually every industry.

What you will be able to do when you’re done with this course.

  • Identify weaknesses in your company’s sales-to-cash process

  • Improve customer relations by resolving those deficiencies

  • Prepare for collection calls to maximize success

  • Get the results you want from every collection call and make customers happy

  • Reduce overdue receivables and reduce the amount of time you spend on collection efforts by eliminating customer excuses for not paying

  • Increase credit and collection effectiveness, efficiency and productivity

  • Reduce stress on you and your team

"Bart Frankel’s passion shines through.

The video lessons were clear and short enough to hold the viewer's attention....a key to learning and retention. Congrats on an excellent product."

--Larry Acorn, Director, Human Resources - United Technologies Corp, Fire & Security Systems (retired)

“Bart Frankel shines the light on the most important people in Finance – the Credit & Collections Group.

Using his holistic approach, he empowers associates to help solve upstream business problems that are delaying customer payments. Very well done.”

--Tom Rogan, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Hamilton Sundstrand

Course curriculum

  • 1
    The Collection Process (Sales-to-Cash)
    • Introduction to Phone Power
    • The Collection Process
    • Sales-to-Cash
  • 2
    Phone Power Collections
    • Phone Power Six Step Process
    • Step 1: Pre-Collection Planning
    • Step 2: Professional Conduct
    • Step 3: The Collection Statement
    • Step 4: The Response (Excuse)
    • Step 5: The Rebuttal
    • Step 6: The Follow Up
  • 3
    Final Thoughts
    • The Holistic Approach
    • Please take 2 minutes to tell us about your learning experience

Here's what you get when you enroll

  • 11 Video Lessons

    High quality video recordings of Bart's onsite workshop put you right in the center of the action and keep you engaged.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon completion of the course, we will send you a certificate of completion that you can hang in your office to show your support for the credit team.


  • Bart  Frankel

    Credit and Collection Expert

    Bart Frankel

    Bart Frankel's career spans over 33 years. Most recently he spent 22 years with United Technologies Inc. (UTC) as Manager of Financial Services for Otis Elevator and Pratt & Whitney Division. In that role he was responsible for a $7 billion sales-to-cash process. Bart also served on the UTC Board of Credit and Collection forum. He has also been an instructor in accounting and finance at Bloomfield College in New Jersey and Iona College in New York. Currently, he has a consulting practice helping a variety of companies teaching "Phone Power Collections" and analyzing the sales-to-cash process. Bart received a BA from Eastern Illinois and an MBA from Farleigh Dickinson Universities.

In less than 90 minutes

you can show up as a “changed for the better” team leader who has the responsibility to find out why customers aren’t paying, the confidence to identify company problems driving customer excuses, and the respect to fix them so that you get paid.

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